Meet Rachel


Thank you for visiting my website and viewing my work.  However you found your way here, I am glad you found me!  I am from Hanover, Pennsylvania, and work out of my home studio or on location.  Like most photographers, I found my true passion for the camera after the birth of my first son, Avery.  I have always been an entrepreneur, but also worked full-time in the Human Resources field for many years.  I left my salaried position to be home with Avery, and took some photography courses at the local college, because I have always had an interest in learning to use my camera in manual mode. 

I quickly began photographing every little baby, toddler, and couple I could, and that is how things really took off for me in the world of photography.  I spent a year studying newborn photography intensely, including safety, posing, and lighting.  Now two years into my business, I continue to work on my craft everyday with in-person and online coursework in all areas of photography.  I absolutely could not ask for a better job, and look forward to meeting each family I work with.

I focus on capturing the natural beauty of families, couples, and newborns.  I would describe my outdoor style as vivid in color, and usually up-close and personal.  I like to see the detail, and bring out the beauty of the colors in our natural world.  I try not to spend too much time posing families, but rather asking them to just interact as they normally would.  This is also how I approach event and wedding photography.

My newborn style is unique from many other photographers in the area, because I really focus on the pure and naturalness of an infant.  I like to use muted colors, simple props, poses your baby would naturally be in, to capture their first few days in the world.  I think newborns are so beautiful and unique in their own way, that there isn't much needed to enhance them.


Should you have any questions about my style, sessions, or photography, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you again for your interest in my work