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Taking my own advice...

June 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So today I am going to take my own advice and start blogging.  I recently was speaking with two other entrepreneur moms about how to reach clients on a more personal level, and blogging came up.  I encouraged both of the other moms to blog, knowing full well I had been putting it off for sometime myself.  I will keep this one short and sweet, as I am very happily leaving for vacation tomorrow and haven't packed a bit, but I thought I would start my talking a little more about who I am (and bragging on my little family of course!).

I graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor in Psychology.  Interesting fact:  I never spent one minute in a job that was related to my major.  I ended up working in the field of Human Resources by pure accident, but enjoyed my work as a recruiter.  I basically found people jobs, which was a pretty rewarding experience.  I worked my way up the corporate ladder, and ended up running a small division of the company I was working for.  I learned a lot in my years in the corporate world, but I knew that is not where my path was headed.

I met my wonderful husband, Chris, in December 2010.  We had grown up in the same town our whole lives, but had never really met.  We ended up connecting on a dating website, but we were both busy professionals who were looking for a partner.  Early in our relationship, Chris was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and went through six months of chemotherapy at only 27 years old.  It was surreal, scary, and definitely changed both of our outlooks on life.  The day of his last chemo appointment, he proposed, after just 8 months of dating.

Chris and I got married in 2012, and hired the most amazing dream team wedding photographers, MattnNat.  They really inspired me to learn to use my camera and make beautiful art.  Their photos are hanging all over my home still to this day.  

Photo credit: (mattnnat)
Photo credit: MattnNatMe as a bride :)


My husband is ever so supportive of all of my entrepreneur endeavors.  When we met, he knew that I had always wanted to work for myself, and I had already started a small company called Pageant Resale.  I had been building that company since 2008 so that someday, I could be a stay-at-home mom.  Chris has been nothing but encouraging as I have spent many nights stressing over starting another new business.  I could not do this without him.

My goal has always been to be a stay-at-home-mom, and while I was pregnant with my son in 2013, I took a photography course at a local college.  From there, I continued to practice, practice, practice on my newborn son, Avery.  At just 8 days old I had him wrapped up for portraits in our kitchen.  I spent a lot of time practicing, and still take a lot of photos of Avery.  He will likely not be camera shy later in life, because he has literally been looking at my lens every day since he popped into the world.  

Avery - 18 months

When it was time to go back to work after my maternity leave, I was very fortunate to be able to make the decision to stay home with Avery.  I began taking on photography clients in January 2015, after many months of free sessions for friends and family.  My business is currently focused on newborn, milestones, maternity, portrait, and engagement photography.  I love faces and expressions.  My style is to get really up close and personal with my subjects, especially children.  I am so thankful for the families who have given me the opportunity to photograph their little ones already this year.  

So there you have it, a blog post and a little about me.  Hopefully I can make this a regular thing, but you never know with an 18 month old running around. Oh and they definitely won't all be about me! :)



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