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Newborn Workshop

March 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am super self-critical of everything that I do, and I tend to always compare myself to others.  It is a bad habit, I know!  I'm working on it!  But this constant need to improve leads me to wonderful experiences like the Nicole Smith Photography Newborn Workshop I attended in Philadelphia last weekend.  I signed up after realizing that it would be very unlikely that Nicole would be back in this area anytime soon (she is from Nebraska!), and knowing that my own little baby is coming along very soon and will be keeping me at home for awhile.  

I was a bit nervous at first, being that I am in early in my photography career, but each and every photographer made me feel so welcome.  Learning from and alongside these ladies was a true honor.  Some of them have been in business for over five years, and some just starting out, but the beauty of the workshop is that it really didn't make a difference.  Nicole was so willing to share her knowledge for photographers of all levels.  

My goal was to walk away from the experience having hopefully picked up a few tips to bring back to my own business, but I walked away with much more.  I am very excited to incorporate many of the new skills I have acquired as I continue with my passion of photographing newborns.  Here are some of my favorite shots I was able to capture during the two day workshop.  


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