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Casey - Fresh 48

December 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

The first few days, let alone hours, when your baby is born are a complete blur.  I remember very little from the first few days with my two little ones, although we took a multitude of videos and photos in the hospital.  Avery was born quickly, and we were in the hospital all but 30 hours.  Olivia was a surprise c-section, and while we were in the hospital for 3 days, between the pain meds and the inability to move around much, I didn't get the photos I had hoped for.  Fresh 48 sessions, are something I have always wanted to offer, but have never had the opportunity, until now.  And I am in LOVE.

Say hello to my newest nephew Casey Wayne, born at Hanover Hospital on 12/27.  My brother and sister-in-law were kind enough to let me bring my camera to the hospital for some raw, true-life, hospital photos.  My family has always been a good sport, allowing me to practice on them and their little ones.  I am always that camera-hauling aunt running around at family functions and on vacations.  So after snuggling this new little guy (I have some serious baby fever), I was able to capture their pure love and joy for their new addition, their fourth boy.  


This is real post-birth life in the hospital.  You are there, waiting to go home, but taking your time studying every feature and detail of the person you waited 9 months to meet.  Soak it in, relish in the quiet moments, and hold on to those memories.  

Welcome to the world Casey!  We are so excited to add another to our crazy bunch.  You are loved.


Interested in a Fresh 48 session of your own?  Contact me for details and information on these amazing true-life photos.  



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Such a beautiful personal moment captured! Just beautiful
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