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The next chapter

September 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When did you realize what you loved to do?  What your career should be?  Where you were headed in life?  It took me many years to find my way.  I spent quite a bit of time in college trying to figure out what I was supposed to be, and after a few majors, I ended up with a degree I had no passion for, in an attempt to get myself on track with where I THOUGHT I needed to be.  After a very successful early career in business and human resources, I left my comfy desk job and salary, just four years ago, to pursue the path I knew I would end up on - being a mom.  It was the one role I ALWAYS knew I wanted to take on.

While being Avery and Olivia's mom has always been enough for me, I have been very fortunate to be able to build my business (mostly during their nap time!), and find a true passion over the last four years.  I have put my blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) into cultivating and growing my small photography business.  After so much training, education, practice, and work, I am super elated to announce I am opening my very own studio!  I cannot even express my excitement, joy, and amazement, so I will just say MY HEART IS EXPLODING!!!! 

Soooo say hello to the new home of Rachel Mummert Photography! 

It doesn't look like much right now, I know, but give me a few weeks, and we will transform this space into a place you will be proud to visit, and happy to bring your families to.  

But first, I have to gush a little...

It seems like just last week when I was walking into my first photography course, super intimidated.  I never said one peep during the whole semester. I never asked a question.  I left knowing how to use the basic functions of my camera, but more so with a drive to educate myself further.  It's funny when I tell people the story now, but everyone's journey starts somewhere.  Mine started the day I decided to get out and learn the camera.  It started with my drive to know how to take photos of my own kids.  

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible - my husband who has supported this dream from day one, even when I was really just learning (um....let's be honest I wasn't very good) and leaving home for all day weddings when the baby was only a few weeks old.  He is the one that sees the tears of frustration at times, builds me whatever crazy backdrop/floor/prop/shelf I need, and fixes my darn pulley system every time I break it.  And a huge thank you to our parents who watch our little munchkins on evenings and weekends (and Fridays!) while I have been working and making this career a reality.  We lean on you a lot, and that whole "village to raise a child" thing?  Well yea, that's real.  

Ok so, what does this mean for you?  

- MORE SPACE!  I am going from one room of 200 square feet, to a huge 800 square foot space.  For those of you who came to my home studio, in the very early months of opening, this will be a big change.  I remember my very first clients were sitting on an actual bed in my spare bedroom!  How crazy to look back on the old times.  This is enough to be excited about!  But there's more...

- A waiting area with comfortable seating and activities for your kids.  So, when your older sibling is waiting for the 2 hour newborn session to finish, we now have a place for them to wait.  And....you are also welcome to take a nap if you need to!  

- A private bathroom that does not include my children's bath toys.  The home studio has been great to me, but this is a big one because now my kids can leave their undies on the floor without a mommy freak out.

- Did I mention more space?? We will be able to set up multiple sets for you before you arrive, cutting down on the time to change things up during your session.  

- More flexibility with scheduling.  This is one of the main reasons we decided moving to a studio was a good fit right now.  I am currently working around my little one's nap schedules and routines.  With this change, I will be able to schedule afternoon and later evening appointments that were not possible when we were shooting in the room next door to my napping baby.  

So, in just a few short weeks I will be very happy to welcome you all to my very own 800 square feet of heaven at 300 Frederick Street in Hanover.  I look forward to making many more memories there with everyone who helped me get here.  I have the most wonderful, loyal, and special clients anyone could ask for.  Working with your families is what makes me want to work so hard.  Seeing your children grow, holding your brand new babies, and capturing your special moments is everything for me.  I hope you know how much I love what I do, and I cannot wait to bring you a more spacious and comfortable space to visit with me.  

Want to follow our build and studio design?  Make sure to follow me on Instagram @rachelmummertphotography and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rachelmummertphotography to see all of the behind the scenes details before we open our doors in the next few months.  My over excitement will be quite apparent ;)


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